BDM Bolt-On

by | 13th February 2024

When we initially speak with people in B2B businesses about helping them with our prospecting service, sometimes they either run a business that has a BDM, or a sales/business development team. Or, they’re the person that manages the sales/business development team. Sometimes, when this is the case, their first thought is that our service is designed to replace what they do, and they see it as an invasion.


Truth is, what we offer is anything but. Infact, the Neptik service is the ultimate BDM Bolt-On that’ll put a business development team on steroids.


Think about it. When you’re prospecting for new business, how much time is spent finding who to approach, getting their contact details, reaching out, following-up, hitting brick walls – it’s super time consuming. Then ask yourself – is this really the best use of your business development team’s time? All that industry expertise only being channelled into a small part of their day?

Wouldn’t it be better if they were spending their time using their experience and skill to nurture and close deals with the people that are already engaged and interested in what you offer?

I get it, when it comes to working with a 3rd party lead generation partner it’s easy to think ‘they won’t be able to get the traction that we can when first speaking with a prospect’ – I’ve been there myself. In my last business, we looked at options to allow us to ramp up early stage prospecting. One of the channels we looked at was telesales. What we quickly realised was that if someone called a prospective client to arrange a call for me, typically one of two things would probably happen:


1 – the prospect might say: ‘if Ben wants to speak to me that much, then why’s Ben not on the phone now’. 




2 – ‘OK, but before I arrange anything can you tell me XZY’ and the person on the phone wouldn’t be able to answer properly and fall flat on their face, scuppering the opportunity. 


Key finding – if you’re going to close the deal, then you need to do the initial outreach (least from the prospect’s perspective). But, with the Neptik service – from the prospect’s perspective you can be the person that does the initial outreach! You don’t have to get involved until the prospect responds – thinking they are responding to you!

All the other nitty-gritty initial prospecting stuff like chasers, out-of-offices follow-ups, object responses, and GDPR is taken care of by us. From your perspective, quite simply, you, or your BDM team only deal with the people who are already hooked to hear more about what you offer.


So, next time you want your sales/BDM team to be able to get more sales by increasing your client base, why not give us a shout – we’d be delighted to explain more about how our BDM Bolt-On can help your team close more deals!